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350Green Orders 900 EV Charging Stations from Efacec USA

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Photo Credit: 350Green

Norcross, Ga. — 350Green, a developer of electric vehicle (EV) charging station networks, has ordered 900 charging stations from the Norcross-based manufacturer Efacec USA.

partners with retailers, commercial property managers and municipalities to locate charging stations in commercial and residential areas. The company currently has projects underway in Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, and New York. 350Green has signed charging station development partnerships with Walgreens and Simon Property Group, among others.

Depending on the individual EV, the Efacec charging stations ordered by 350Green can recharge a battery to 80% in as little as 26 minutes, according to the company.

Up until now, Efacec has been developing and manufacturing its EV chargers since 2008 outside the U.S. The deal with 350Green will bring the manufacturing of the units to the U.S. for the first time, in Norcross.

Under the agreement, 145 units are scheduled to be delivered by the end of this year and the remaining 755 to be delivered by the end of 2014.

350Green website

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DOE Awards $175 Million in Vehicle Efficiency Development Grants

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NREL battery lab (photo credit: Dennis Schroeder)

Washington — U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that the DOE is providing more than $175 million to 40 projects across 15 states over the next three to five years to accelerate the development of energy-efficient-vehicle technologies.

The projects will pursue innovations in fuels and lubricants, lighter weight materials, longer-lasting and cheaper electric vehicle batteries and components, and more efficient engine technologies, according to a DOE announcement.

Among the grant recipients, United States Automotive Materials Partnership will validate crash models for carbon-fiber composites that would enable the use of lightweight composites in primary-structural automotive crash and energy management applications.

Penn State University will develop a high energy density lithium-sulfur cell technology that significantly reduces battery size, and improves performance and life.

will investigate the use of new lubricant formulations that target differing lubrication requirements of the major engine subsystems.

A complete list of the 40 grant recipients is available at the link below.

List of funded projects

Home Builder City Ventures to Pre-Wire for Electric Vehicles

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Santa Ana, Calif. – City Ventures, a builder of eco-friendly houses in California, announced that it will pre-wire 190 homes currently under construction in the southern part of the state with electric vehicle charging docks.

Every home in nearly every new City Ventures development will include parking spaces or garages pre-wired with Level II (240v/40 amp) charging stations, the company said.

City Ventures is collaborating on the project with Nissan, which now makes the relatively popular, all-electric LEAF model, which the company introduced in December 2010, selling 4,000 units since then.

The LEAF is currently available in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Tennessee, Texas, Oregon and Washington, with additional markets launching later this year.

Photo Credit: Nisan

Nissan consulted with City Ventures to exchange technical and charging information and to take into consideration consumer charging habits, as they have been determined up to this point. The two firms are also discussing potential cross-promotional efforts, according to the announcement.

said it has 27 memorandum of understanding with governments, utilities and business partners across the United States (and 95 worldwide) that are helping to build the market for electric vehicles.

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Tesla Awarded $100 Million Supply Agreement for Toyota RAV4 Electric Powertrain

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Photo Credit: Toyota

Palo Alto, Calif. — Tesla Motors, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, has been awarded a $100 million contract from Toyota to supply electric powertrain systems, which will be integrated into an electric vehicle version of the Toyota RAV4, according to a new filing by Tesla with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Included in the powertrain supply contract are batteries, charging systems, inverters, motors, gearboxes and associated software.

The electric RAV4 is expected to hit the market in 2012 and made available to general consumers, as well as fleet and car-sharing customers, Toyota announced. Toyota’s Scion iQ electric vehicle will be sold only to fleets and car-sharing programs, the company said. Production of the RAV4 EV is expected to continue through 2014.

Last year, Toyota announced plans to invest $50 million in Tesla in connection with a strategic partnership to develop new technology.

Founded in 2003, Tesla went public last year, raising $226 million. The company began selling its first electric vehicle model, the “Roadster,” in 2009 for just over $100,000. It is currently developing its own branded models for a lower price point.

Last year the company entered into a $465 million long-term loan under the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Incentive Program.

and Panasonic, which has invested $30 million in Tesla, are currently collaborating to develop new battery cells for electric vehicles. Under their agreement, Tesla will use Panasonic’s Nickel-based Lithium ion battery cells in its newest battery packs.

Toyota announcement

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Tesla’s SEC filing about Toyota order

Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital Cashes Out on Epyon Power Investment

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Mark Sherman, Managing Director at Chrysalix

Vancouver – Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, a Vancouver-based clean energy venture capital firm, announced that one of its portfolio companies, Epyon Power, a developer of electrical vehicle fast-charging technology, has been acquired by ABB, a major provider of power and automation technologies.

The deal marks the first major acquisition in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, and is the largest EV infrastructure acquisition to date, according to Chrsyalix. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“This acquisition marks a milestone for the industry, where major players, like ABB, have realized the importance of intelligent fast charging systems in order to drive mainstream electric vehicle adoption,” said Mike Sherman, managing director at Chrysalix, in an announcement.

Epyon, which was spun out from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, is actively engaged in building out fast-charging corridor programs in Europe, North America, and Asia

which has about $300 million of investment capital under management, provides early-stage financing to companies focused on energy and environmental issues. The firm was listed as the most active clean tech venture capital investor in 2010 by the Cleantech Group, a market research firm.

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